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Planning.. Design.. Manufacturing of Refractory Materials

ERT Refractory Fire Bricks & Mortars

Company Profile

Our company ERT Refractory has been established in Kocaeli / Turkey with under the name of Erpaş Industry Co.Ltd which has been operating in open area of 9000m2 and 1500m2 and on a total 24000m2 since 1974.


In the early years, ERT Refractory started to manufacture bags and big-bags to various industries then refractory materials for heavy industry in the coming years also added to the production process.


By this way,ERT Refractory have begun to offer services to many industries especially Iron and Steel Industry,Cement industry,Lime industry, more like Casting Industry and its capacity has increased to 12,500 tons / year.


Refractory services department employees within our group, Separated from important sectors producing refractory and refractory with 30 years experience in the industry, engineers, technical staff and consists of the masters.


Our group has successfully completed a project domestically and abroad a variety of refractory applications.

ERT Refractory is engaged in the manufacturing of various products, refractory materials which outside the range of production are supplying from the manufacturers and offering to our customers in very favorable conditions.


In order to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction,developing new products, improving quality and to achieve our objectives in a constantly evolving technology.


Our customers that keep us alive.
That's why our customers is our benefactor.
                                                                                                             With best regards,


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