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Planning.. Design.. Manufacturing of Refractory Materials

ERT Refractory Fire Bricks & Mortars

Anchor Bricks

Applications of Roof Anchors;

In each type of walls (Side walls,roofs,floors & moving walls) can easily be used.
• Anchors lenght should be same of total lenght of the concrete to be poured .

Anchor Bricks are manufactured according to each sizes and shapes

Roof Anchor Bricks;

Each type of forms and qualities are produced with high temperature

and acid-resistant refractory materials.



• The concrete should be poured as the anchor bricks' lenght. Bricks should be remain in the concrete. The hang of concrete must be provided.
• During casting, where necessary, as shown in the figure at the side, expansion of materials 1000 - 1500 mm should be placed at intervals. Also; the anchor brick in the space between "C clips" superfeld materials should be included.

Anker bricks; transverse of concrete  max.300 mm, lengthwise is max.600 mm
  should be placed at intervals.
• From two sides of the head part of "I" profile above , C clips must be attached in cross linked way.

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