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Planning.. Design.. Manufacturing of Refractory Materials

ERT Refractory Fire Bricks & Mortars

Stainless Refractory Anchors

Anchors are manufactured according to each sizes and shapes

Stainless Steel Refractory Anchors

High Temperature & Acid Resistance.
316 AISI , 310 AISI , 309 AISI , 314 ASI , 306 AISI , 304 AISI qualities.


Applications of Roof Anchors;

In each type of walls (Side walls,roofs,floors & moving walls) 

can easily be used.

• Stainless steel anchors are in;  "Y" & "V" shapes.
• Anchors lenght should be 2/3 of total lenght of the concrete to be poured .
Anchors thickness are according to concrete can be 6,8,10,12 mm
• In the low temperature parts , standard iron anchors can be used.
• Between two anchors must be 200 - 350 mm lenght and one in the opposite side of the other obfuscatory must be mounted to the surface.

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